Back And Kidney Pain – Kidneys And Back Pain – Back Pain And Kidney

Lillian Said:

Is it easy to confuse lower back discogenic pain, and kidneypain? Is kidneypain felt near the spine at all?

We Answered:

If you are taking several medications and feeling pain you ned to talk to your doctor AND Pharmacist. A Pharmacist is often more aware of interactions and side effect than a Pysician. But kidney pain will often be a dull ache in the lower back, yes just above your butt,disk pain is more likely to be a sharp pain. But why take advice from us? You obviously have a doctor and pharmacist to consult.

Darrell Said:

What is causing my back/kidneypain?

We Answered:

If you are worried and hurts, go see a doctor !!!

Steve Said:

Feeling sharp rectal pressure & low back/kidneypain at 36 weeks?

We Answered:

When I was in labour, I felt rectal pressure like I had to really poop.

It sounds like you’re in labour. If your contractions start becoming regular, get yourself to the hospital.


Laura Said:

Kidney/BackPain Everytime I Wake Up In The Morning?

We Answered:

Could be……………

Then again, it could be a number of things………………

Be sure to drink plenty of clear fluid, especially before going to be.
Don’t “hold it” when you have to go pee.
Try drinking plenty of Cranberry juice and water.
Give it about a week and then if it’s not better then go see a doctor.

Shannon Said:

I have back/kidneybackpain. Can I have a Doctor or nurses advice?

We Answered:

i’ve had UTI before and i’ve never had kidney back pain, just pressure in my pelvic area. this is pretty serious. you should go to the doctor right away. kidney problems are very complicated. u should have gone to the doctor even if u “just have” UTI.

Ella Said:

Can you have kidney stones without backpain?

We Answered:

Kidney stones don’t necessarily give you any problems when they are very small. It is when they grow bigger that you start having problems.

Gary Said:

How can I get rid of kidneybackpain?

We Answered:

Drink lots of water, lay off the caffiene, take some tylenol, and go to the doctor or urologist. You probably have a kidney infection or kidney stone. Cranberry juice can help with infection, but will make some kinds of stones grow larger so I don’t suggest drinking it until you’ve seen the doctor.

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