Back Pain Vs. Hip Pain

Lisa Said:

Lower back tattoo vs waist/side tattoo? pain?

We Answered:

dont do it just cause evry else is doing it there….hopefully your heart truly desires this i agree with the man that answered first….you will grow older and have children one day…did you ever think about what your tat is gonna look like stretched across your stomach?? i wish you could see my brothers wife…she has one in the same spot…but now after baby number one it is all mishapen and kinda looks saggy…

Hector Said:

the difference between rap and hip-hop???

We Answered:

I’m 17 and i think i fall in the “kids” category, but i know who everyone you named was, that’s all i listen to, let me tweak your list a bit though

2. 2Pac
5.Ice Cube
are my top 5 of all time, (i didnt include groups)
1.Run DMC
2.Public Enemy
3.A Tribe Called Quest
4. Wu Tang
5. Bone Thugs

LIL WAYNE, is trash compared to anyone we mentioned

Jacqueline Said:

Youre thoughts on Taker vs HBK last night + YNOA Anarchy Results!!?

We Answered:

good show
Promo.Cliff,you may have won that battle, but this war is far from over.You and me will, i repeat WILL meet again, and when we do you better be ready.See i slipped up in the last match, and mistakes is something The Greatest Performer just don’t do much.Rest assure it won’t happen again.When I say I’m The greatest its not opinion, its fact!!

Joann Said:

My body pillow isnt working! Still in pain!?

We Answered:

I think I might have read your question and I decided to buy the boppy full body pillow last night and it is the first time since I’ve been pregnant that I slept through the night on my left side. it was awsome. plus myback pain is only half what it was yesterday. maybe you sould try it instead. it worked great for me. by the way the regular body pillow never did work for me.

Derek Said:

Osteoarthritis vs Lumbar Sprain and Strain?

We Answered:

It’s somewhat a matter of semantics. Lumbar arthritis is not necessarily one of those categories for which it necessarily demonstrates is related to one’s pain. Therefore, you may see a variety of “diagnoses” which all relate to the same condition. Let’s put it this way, under the current classification system adopted by most physicians under the European Guidelines (widely adopted in the US), back pain is either classified as: medical (such as a tumor, rheumatoid arthritis), nerve root pathology (signs of direct nerve compression with significant weakness and loss of reflexes) or “non-specific” low back pain. Unfortunately, this includes about 85% of people. In otherwords, these folks never really get a productive “label” for their back pain…just that it’s “non-specific”. Rather, they wind up with terms like “lumbar strain”, “lumbago”, degenerative disc disease, etc. These terms are unproductive because they do not really tell one how to best treat you. Functional and pain catergorization is often more beneficial: such as “reducible derrangement”, “central sensitization”, etc. These are labels that actually help guide clinicians in your treatment…unfortunately, they are not really adopted by most physicians…most PTs, physiatrists and some pain docs.

In the end, yes your lumbar strain is the same issue at hand…but you and I both know that a strain doesn’t last that long and its quite an unproductive label in your case.

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