Upper Back Pain – Pain In Upper Back – Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Christina Said:

Can someone help me with my upperbackpain?

We Answered:

Get a second opinion….if nothing else it will make you feel better..

Peoples pain tolerance are different. You could have injured your muscles and/or tendons….Be careful with the pain killers the doctors give you or you will be a drug addict in no time.
Try heat such as sitting in hot tub, bath tub will work. They did not give you any inflammatorys? Like ibuprofen? I would go in and get a second opinion if it is still hurting like this!
With all the arthritis’s I have, I have been told never to go to a chiroproctor…
Good luck and do not get hooked on those drugs………

Bonnie Said:

I’m 22 and have been having upperback and chest pain for the last 3 days. Sometimes dull, others stabbing. ?

We Answered:

I am not a doctor, but my husband was having pain in his chest, and back. He thought he was having a heart attack. He had recently had a cold also. We went to the e.r., and after a chest x-ray, they told us he had pleurisy. It is mucus, or fluid around your lung causing pain. The doctor explained it to us like this. He said it was like pneumonia, only instead of being inside the lung, it’s outside the lung. I suggest you get to a doctor, and find out what is wrong. Normally it isn’t your heart if the pain comes and goes, but you never know.

Louise Said:

Why does my exercise bike cause upperbackpain?

We Answered:

Because your leaning forward your back has to use muscles so you don’t fall on your face. Try sitting and peddaling upright with you back straight every once in awhile to let your back rest.

Joe Said:

What could be causing my upperbackpain?

We Answered:

Most upper back pain is muscular and will resolve on its own within a few weeks. Read more about upper back muscle pain here:

If you are having pain and weakness in your arms you may have a disc pushing on a nerve in your neck. You need to see your doctor so he can examine you and possibly order an MRI of you cervical spine.

Good Luck

Glen Said:

What is usually the cause of very painful upperbackpain?

We Answered:

sounds like a pinched nerve…..see a dr for sure……

Gloria Said:

Can cancer of the breast cause upperbackpain?

We Answered:

It sounds more muscular than like breast cacner.

Breast cancer in the early stages is usually painless.

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