Depression Or Anxiety – Do I Have Depression Or Anxiety

Norman Said:


We Answered:

I’ve been feeling what you’re feeling for years. I’m 26 and I’ve felt like this since childhood. What you are experiencing could be depression or some form of social phobia. If it’s depression, what is the cause, or is it on and off like manic depression? Or have you been “shy” all your life?

I’d say that if you’re seeing a therapist, you are doing good. They are there to help and the info should be confidential. Whatever is bothering you, tell. They may be able to help. Good luck. Wish you well.

Geraldine Said:

Depression & Anxiety?

We Answered:

Find an outlet and put everything into it. Make sure it’s a stable outlet – don’t choose your current boyfriend or a television show…but something like sudoku or driving or listening to music.

My outlet is my boyfriend…and when he can’t talk, I have attacks…which is why I suggest not using one…but you can if you think you’ll be okay…

Earl Said:

What are the leading causes of depression and anxiety in women today?

We Answered:

I think it’s hormonal and that women today live very stressful lives. Think about it. Women are expected to work full time, get married, raise families and keep house. They are tending to everyone else’s needs but their own. There is so much guilt and worrying doing all of these things

Clifford Said:

How to beat anxiety and depression without seeing a psychiatrist ?

We Answered:

Take a deep breath and go to your appointment. Nothing ventured , nothing gained. Proper diet and exercise will help as well.

Kimberly Said:


We Answered:

Take the Homeopathic remedy ACONITE NAP200 once a day before going to bed in case of an anxiety attack take another dose and please do let me know about your progress you will get over your anxiety attacks in a few days. Without any side effects or complications.
Take Care and God Bless you.

Edwin Said:

Why is anxiety and depression an epidemic compared to 40 years ago?

We Answered:

Why do you think depression, anxiety and mental health problems have grown to be an epidemic? What do you think would help slow the progression of mental health problems? I think we just talk about them more than we used to. However, there are some social changes that may lead to anxiety; family structure isn’t what it used to be, people feel more isolated, etc. Maybe having a stronger sense of family and being part of a group of people who care about you, people you can talk comfortably with about anything.

Do you think mental health problems are genitic, situational, environmental, or is it due to a chemical imbalance? It can be any of those; it’s generally considered a “chemical imbalance”, but that could be triggered by genetic, situational factors, physical disease or head injury, or any combination of these.

When a person becomes depressed; do you think it is because our brain stops producing certain chemicals or does our brain produce a chemical that aggravates depression/anxiety? At least some of the time, yes. More often the brain still produces them, but they break down too quickly before they do what they are supposed to do. No one is absolutely sure why that happens in some people and not others.

Why is it when we feel anxious, our bodies react in strange ways such as pounding heart, dizzyness, can’t breath, and intestinal problems? The autonomic nervous system controls mood, anxiety, digestion, sex, etc. I think it’s a kind of imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. It might have been there to help our prehistoric ancestors get away from an enemy or something but maybe the purpose of this isn’t as practical in modern times. Kind of left over instincts for survival that are no longer applicable. (Just an idea.)

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