Postpartum Depression: Than The Baby Blues

Mathew Said:

Is it PostpartumBlues or PostpartumDepression?

We Answered:

By even coming here and asking this question I would say you already know the answer to it as you are already seeking some form of help 🙂 I would take it that step further and go for professional help there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of at all! It is better to get help now then to be sorry later, especially if your finding you aren’t bonding well with your baby

Shirley Said:


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? I think your just tired and a little down. It should pass, once the baby starts sleeping a little longer. If you start having really “bad” thoughts, like harming the baby, other child, or yourself, then you really need seek help then and quickly. It wouldn’t hurt to call your OBGYN and tell them how your feeling, and they can suggest what to do. My OBGYN, likes to have everyone see a counselor after having a baby, just to make sure things are on track and at any point someone feels really down or bad, he wants them to call his office, “reach out” and he will find them some help. As I’m sure you office can help in that department too.. I personally think its just hormones and being tired, if your just crying at night.. but if things get worse, don’t be afraid to seek help. Also, is there a relative or friend, that might could some spend a couple nights? So you can get some rest…

Regina Said:

more thanbabyblues?

We Answered:

When ever you feel so overwhelmed that you can not care for you or your children properly, seek help. Otherwise, just try to take as much time to recoop at the end of everyday. I went through baby blues with my second daughter. At about the two months mark I felt beat, inadequate, like I was a terrible mom. I can say that it does get better it time. My daughter is six months old now and while I do feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes. I am confident that I am a great mom.

Also about the having another one….My husband and I are having the same struggle. We met with my OB/GYN about the situation. He wanted to get a vesectomy, I didnt want him too. I also wanted reliable birth control for the time being. My doc recommended Merina IUC. It is a five year iuc with a higher effective rate than tubal ligation. It gives us five years to decide. I wouldnt decide anything too drastic w/i the first year post never know how you might feel down the road.

Keep you head up mama..The sun will come out soon

Luis Said:


We Answered:

PPD is brought on by a hormonal imbalance, whereas the more common depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain.

My late wife suffered from PPD, which was treatable and eventually passed as her hormones came back into balance.

Kenneth Said:

another question about thebabyblues/postpartumdepression?

We Answered:

I am glad you are going to call your doctor in the morning. Some women need to take meds for a few weeks after their baby is born to just help regulate all those hormones that are going crazy right now. What you are experiencing is normal and it’s good that you realize what’s going on. When your husband gets home, let him spend time with your baby and take a hot shower or a warm bath ( if you feel up to it) or let him take care of her while you get some rest. Do something that you like to do or read a favorite book. Also, have you been out of the house? Sometimes fresh air can help.

Have you read Brooke Shields books about post partum depression? I think you would really identify with her. She had a horrible time. Give yourself a break, you are a new mom and dealing with the craziest of hormones. Be sure to vent your feelings and try to get some time to yourself when you can and want to.

My heart goes out to you and I hope that you feel better very soon. Just hang in there. You can also ask your doctor to refer you to a therapist. Having someone to talk to about it is a great thing.

Christine Said:

Postpartumdepression or babyblues?

We Answered:

I felt the same way when my daughter was around that age. You feel like whatever you do, it’s not right or it isn’t good enough. I remember bringing my daughter home and felt like I was feeding her wrong or that when i changed her diaper it was too tight or too loose. I also remember the first time leaving her with someone else. Heck, I must have called 5 times in only an hour asking how she was and what she was doing.

You’re not a bad mom. These things will get better in time. Your a new mom and everything is just new to you. Trust me, you will get over this and it will be better. I think it’s a little bit of postpartum and a little bit of the baby blues.

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