Signs Of Depression In Adults – Signs Of Depression In Young Adults – What Are The Signs Of Depression In Adults

Eduardo Said:

are these “normal” signsof major depression or not….?

We Answered:

That sounds more like stress or anger rather than depression.

Yes, I’ve felt the same way in past experiences with school and homework and stuff, which sometimes makes me feel that harming my self can relieve the stress because it makes me feel superior.

I’ve also been pretty depressed before, but I’ve never had those feelings when I was. When I was depressed I felt more like I was worthless and showed little to no emotion.

Micheal Said:

Does this sound like depression?

We Answered:


Rodney Said:

What are the signsofdepressionin an adult male? Anything specifically different from a female?

We Answered:

Everyone will present a little differently and there are those who believe that men and women may present differently. I am a practical person so I have devised a series of 6 questions. If a person answers ‘yes’ to at least 4 of the 6 I am 85% certain that they feel and function better on what is typically called an ‘antidepressant’. 1 Has there been a change in sleep habits and rest? 2 Has there been a change in appetitte? 3 Has there been a change in energy level? 4 Has there been a change in mood? 5 Has there been a change in your interest in activities? 6 Has there been a change in your ability to think clearly? I hope that you are asking this as a matter of interest and that you do not have ‘depression’. For those who do suffer with ‘depression’ there are many affordable and effective medications with a low incidence of side effects. As everyone is different and unique in how they express a disorder and in their response to treatment when in doubt ask you physician.

Shirley Said:

Signs/Symptoms ofDepression?

We Answered:

they’re pretty much all the same, the only thing that would vary are reasons adn severity,
isolation, not eating much, being distant, distracted, it varies really to alot of things but msotly whats different about adults and teenagers are the reasons, teenagers tend to be depressed about social life, image, thing liek that, adults worry more about financial things family, work, etc.

Vera Said:

What are some warning signsof clinical depression?

We Answered:

For me, it was mostly losing interest in things I loved, being miserable a lot, wanting to die, not wanting to do anything, wanting to sleep all the time… stuff like that. Fortunately, I found a way out of that miserable rut:ā€¦

Sonia Said:

Depression ?

We Answered:

Part of being an adult is learning to be your own best advocate for medical care. Since you are a legal adult, the doctor is bound by patient confidentiality laws, so he/she would not be allowed to talk to your parents about your condition without your permission. That being said, since you heavily depend on your parents, you might want to reconsider having them know your medical condition/s so that they can be supportive.

You sound like you are worried about another major depressive episode. Only a conversation with a qualified physician can make the proper diagnosis. Schedule an appointment for yourself. Write down your symptoms and truthfully discuss your situation with the physician. If you are diagnosed with clinical depression, you can receive help with proper medication and therapy.

Good luck and congratulations on taking another step towards health and maturity. Being your own best advocate is a very empowering feeling.


Juanita Said:

what are some signsofdepressioninadults?

We Answered:

-Never wanting to do anything
-Loss of interest in things she used to find enjoyable
-Sleeping too much or too little
-Not eating enough or eating too much
-Thoughts of suicide
-Always sad…Never happy
— Etc.

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