Symtoms Of Clinical Depression – Pain, Depression, and Reflux

Allen Said:

Need to hear advice from a expert on clinicaldepression. If they are going to admit me? Im pretty scared.?

We Answered:

I think you meant that you have agoraphobia which I’d imagine means you have a very hard time leaving your home.You want to be safe all the time but that isn’t realistic for anybody to have and you got to realize that.Taking medicine really can help you over time but it could be you need to be on a different anti-anxiety drug.You really could probably be helped alot if you were admitted to a hospital because they have people at them trained to counsel and to get you the skills to handle life better.I hope you can manage to be healed because mental illness is more of a loss and tragedy than people choose to acknowlege.If you would like to message me to talk about anything please do cause i’ll be available.

Arlene Said:

I need help with an undiagnosable problem!?

We Answered:

The average penis is longer than the depth of the average vaginal cavity.

There is no problem, just ask your boyfriend to take it easy.

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