Acid Reflux And Asthma – Asthma And Acid Reflux – Acid Reflux And Asthma Symptoms

Edward Said:

Anyone have these weird chest sensations (Could be acidreflux or asthma)?

We Answered:

Protonix side effects include breathing could be from that maybe. Proton pump inhibitors are not the answer to acid reflux..they only mask the symptoms. My own mother took nexium for 5 years and her health rapidly deteriatorated from the acid blocker lowering already low stomach acid….nearly everyone has low stomach acid after 35/40 years of age. Digestive enzyme supplements cured my mothers severe GERD within 2 weeks. Take them daily with meals and increase raw foods in the diet…cooked foods have no digestive enzymes in them. Lack of digestive enzymes cause bloating and gas along with acid reflux and other digestive problems.

Protonix side effects:…

Digestive enzymes…

Darren Said:

Can enlarged adenoids be mistaken for asthma or acidreflux disease?

We Answered:

As far as disease is concerned: Asthma/ Reflux and adenoids are different problems, But some of the symptoms can be common like- Change in voice/ snoring/ breathlessness etc. but many features are different (like reflux causes heartburn, pain in abdomen/ Asthma will cause just breathlessness etc.) so any good doctor should not get confused between them.
Best wishes

Heidi Said:

Single moms, what do you do when you are sleep-deprived, have pms, asthma, acidreflux, lymphedema & fatigue?

We Answered:

get a sitter for at least 4 hours once a week. sleep for a couple of hours then do what you want for the remainder or do nothing at all. everybody needs some alone time ,fathers go to work and get it and some come home and go do something else..some couples share the kids,but you are doing it all.theres nothing wrong with wanting some ME time,EVERYBODY needs it. go to a health store tell them your problems and they will give you what you need to give you a boost with your problems. good luck.

Samantha Said:

Apple cider vinegar for asthma /acidreflux/allergies?

We Answered:

although it is always advised to see yr gp as well ,apple cider vinegar has many uses for quick inexpensive cures.ihave heard it does wonders for asthma.i use it for getting rid of post nasal drip due to pollen,used diluted 50/50 water on a cotton wool ball and apply to welts on yr skin instantly stops the itching and makes the lumps dissappear!so my advise is to stick at what yr doing if it’s helping you,it gets rid of toxins in yr body as well.

Danielle Said:

is acidreflux and asthma related?

We Answered:

Absolutely. I have both and one can trigger the other.
Maybe this will help.…

Viola Said:

Recently diagnosed 3 year old with Asthma and AcidReflux, any words of advice or good support places?

We Answered:

The best non medication treatment for asthma and allergies is to know the allergic triggers and avoid them.
Keep her living area clean.
Wash her bedding in hot water on a regular basis.
Vacuum the carpet in her bed room several times per week.
Keep pets outside.
Wash her stuffed animals or put them in the freezer overnight once per week.

Ask her doctor about assistance programs that can help.

A good website is

Good luck

Emma Said:

I have had a continuous cough for 1 1/2 yrs daily. Tested neg for asthma, acidreflux HELP?

We Answered:

It might be allergies, if the caught is stronger at night or in the evening and if you have a dry couch this might be the cause. I also have allergies especially to dust. You should go to a doctor to get tested for allergies. The treatment consists of one pill you take every day for six months and a nasal spray that you use when you come into contact with the substance or particle you are allergic to.…

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