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Jon Said:

Can babies have acidreflux and never spit up?

We Answered:

Yes it is possible. My daughter had acid reflux and didn’t throw up. One thing you might watch for is if she cries more when you lay her down rather then when she is sitting up. If you do suspect it I would say talk to your doctor, they can help you. If you are formula feeding then their is a special one that can help with it that your doctor would know about. Sometimes switchovering to another formula is a good way to tell. And if you are breastfeeding then they would probably want to do a test to check. They did that with my daughter, they just gave her some stuff in her stomach and did a test that’s like a long x-ray while she slept. They were able to tell if it came back up into her esophigas or not. And if her stomach emptied as much as it was suppose to. If you do formula feed though it might be something as simple as a milk allergy.

Carole Said:

Could thrush cause acidreflux in babies?

We Answered:

Nope, thrush is harmless, even though it can be quite painful.

For his acid reflux, try feeding him in a more upright position if at all possible, and keeping him upright for a while after feeding. It just happens sometimes!

Nancy Said:

Does gripe water help with acidreflux in babies?

We Answered:

Gripe water would do no good for your babies Acid Reflex. I found out my daughter had it when she was 2 months old and was started on Prevacid which helped but she still spit up alot and cried quite a bit. Here are some things that we did for my daughters (ARD)
1. Feed in an upward position
2. Keep in an upward position for at least 30 to an hour after a feeding
3. If you give your baby a bottle wheather your breastfeeding or not try putting 1 to 2 tspns of cereal in her milk
4. change your diet which you already did
5. When sleeping don’t put her flat, raise her head and upper chest a bit that way she is at an angle. Maybe put a couple of books under the legs on the crib. They also have these little things you can lay your baby in while in the crib that keeps them raised a bit.
My daughters ARD did not last forever, she is now 7 months old and although she still spits up alot(which some babies just do), she does not have any pain or discomfort in her chest or any other signs of Acid Reflex.

hope i helped!

Ralph Said:

Breastfeeding acidrefluxbabies…?

We Answered:

Generally babies with Reflux will nurse more often because of comfort due to the pain of reflux………You are doing the right thing by still nursing on demand…….He will probably slow down on his nursing schedule as he gets a little older. Reflux usually starts to get better around the time they start sitting up on their own.

You’re doing great!

Charlie Said:

Are babies given acidreflux medications because of the frequent spitting up?

We Answered:

Awww I know this is rough. I would recommend talking to the doc about adding rice cereal. It worked with my daughter. We tried baby Zantac first and it made her even more uncomfortable. I hope everything works out no matter what route you take. Good luck!

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