Acid Reflux Cause Nausea – Can Acid Reflux Cause Nausea – Does Acid Reflux Cause Nausea

Jesus Said:

I feel nausea all the time? can this be caused by acidreflux?

We Answered:

Reflux can cause nausea and vomiting.
It sounds like you have it. You don’t always get the ‘spew’ burps.
They can test for reflux 2 ways.

A barium meal. A special drink and usually some food with barium in it is taken while x-rays are also taken.

24Ph study. A small wire is passed down the nostral into the oespghagus and kept in place for 24 hours while you carry on as normal. It measures any acid reflux and the strength over the time the test is in place.
You are not sedated for this. It’s not uncomfortable and they will use a local anaesthetic spray initially.

I have had both of these done and my 12 year old is having the 24Ph next week. This is the most accurate test.

Claudia Said:

What could cause my nausea problem?

We Answered:

a colonoscopy wont help you.

Florence Said:

Nausea from acidreflux?

We Answered:

Yes, definitely.
I have had reflux since birth and nausea was one of my symptoms when I was younger.
The nausea comes because the spicy food you ate isn’t agreeing with your stomach so basically the food is going up and down your oesophagus thus making you feel really sick. I would recommend taking gaviscon or chewing fruit flavoured chewing gum. I don’t know why chewing gum helps but trust me it really works.
I know how you feel. The horrible sick, nauseous feeling.
I really hope you feel better soon.

Velma Said:

Is nausea a good indicator of acidreflux?

We Answered:

Not necessarily. Nausea can be caused by many things including a stomach virus, sinus drainage (I get it bad in the morning when I wake because my sinus drains), or even pregnancy (morning sickness isn’t always in the morning). My husband has been diagnosed with acid reflux and he suffered from heartburn, chest pain and even shooting pain in his arm. When we went to the emergency room, he was immediately treated as though he was having a heart attack, including aspirin and glycerin, EKG, etc. He never got an acidic taste.

Don’t walk, RUN, to the nearest hospital, you could be ripe for a heart attack (yes, vomiting can accompany a heart attack). Get a diagnosis from a professional. This is nothing to play with or guess about. Maybe they will just tell you to get a box of Prilosec and see your family physician in a few days, or they may do a stress test to make sure there is nothing wrong with your heart.

At least, you will be able to stop worrying about what may or may not be.

Arnold Said:

Nausea and Acidreflux for 6 months?

We Answered:

I have had problems with acid reflux as well and did not get relief from meds either.I found when I took vitamins, it made the reflux even worse.
For me there is a simple solution that I tried out of sheer frustration and it has been the answer to my prayers.
I put 2 tablespoons of “Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with mother”
in a glass of apple juice and sip it slowly. I do this in the morning
and again before supper.Before bed as well if you need it.Since you already have acid you are probably wondering how acidic vinegar is going to help it, but it really does for me. It is available at health food stores. Google search about uses for apple cider vinegar and you would be amazed. I also haven’t had a cold in a few years. It works
wonders for many different things.
Good luck.

Judy Said:

I have acidreflux and have been taking Nexium 20mg per day at night. Why am I still nauseated in the morning?

We Answered:

you should always take nexium in the morning. By the time you wake up it is gone from your system for the day.

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