Acid Reflux Desease – Pain, Depression, and Reflux

Timothy Said:

What does an ” abnormal EKG result” mean to a heart related problem?

We Answered:

It just means your ECG is not within normal limits – it MAY mean a problem with your heart – it may be nothing. Egit is not ‘normal’ to be 6ft tll if you are awoman, but it oes not mean you are ill.

Try not to worry – if there is something there worrying about it won’t make it worse or make it go away.

Emily Said:


We Answered:

i have acid reflux in the throat…..i got nausus alot especially at night and it feels like i have a lump in my throat like its clogged….if u think u have acid reflux then go to the doctor…thats the best advice i can giv you

Sergio Said:

Kidney cyst. What should I do?

We Answered:

Go to a urologist for the most accurate information. If you are already going to one, you could always go to another one for a second opinion. I am not sure that there is much they can do to “fix” the cysts that would not be just about as dangerous as removing the kidney…in fact if there are too many of them, that would probably be what they would do to fix the problem. They probably would want to avoid doing a kidney transplant or messing with your kidneys (ie draining liquid cysts with a needle)…as long as they can delay something like that, due to possible complications from surgery. Is it a liquid cyst (ie possible infection/abcess) or a solid cyst (possible benign tumor or cancer)? A urologist can do a urine cytology to check for cancer cells. They can also look in your bladder with a special microscope (cystoscopy) to look for cancer/tumors, etc. Cat scan is helpful to be done also.…

BP can be genetic factors (esp. African-American males) or something with kidneys or dietary factors. You might have to take medications for it to prevent heart attacks or strokes or kidney damage, etc. You can try eating more soluable fibers (rice, oatmeal, etc)., getting plenty of fluids (about 8 glasses a day), and making sure you get enough calcium in your diet or in a supplement pill. Calcium and eating rice have been shown to lower BP in some cases. Rice might help by absorbing salt in the gut. You don’t want your cholesterol to be so high or your fluids to be so low as to make your blood “thick” and harder for the heart to pump. You also don’t want to drink too much fluid to increase possible fluid retention and increase the BP that way. But any changes this way should be approved with your doctor first.

Acid reflux is often found in older adults. It could be that the throat muscles and stomach muscles do not work quite as well as we get older and may be weak. See a gastroenterologist about that problem, which should be entirely separate from the other two problems.

Sometimes people have a genetic problem of cystic kidneys. It may be that they are waiting until the problem gets bad enough to take drastic surgical action. Kidney transplant is a big intervention with big side effects of its own. You would have to take anti-rejection drugs for life probably.

Make sure they did a urine cytology test for cancer cells and the bladder microscope (cystoscopy) to check the bladder. They might be able to do a needle biopsy of some sort to see what is in the cysts, but I would think that would be very tricky, since the kidneys are along the back/spine and there is a lot of intestines, etc in front of them too.

Mostly they are probably thinking…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, or it may become broke…pray about it and try not to worry….

Wallace Said:

im really worried about my bfriend!!!!!?

We Answered:

edie, your boyfriend needs to see a gastroenterologist for his reflux as it could be a sign of something else brewing.

He has that right as a pt. to get a 2nd even 3rd opinion to find out what’s wrong with him.

Seriously, I use to work in a hospital and have seen everything. It won’t hurt to get another MD involved at all. Sometimes it’s best to get another set of eyes to find what others have missed.

Charlotte Said:

Pain in my chest!!?

We Answered:

No but my friend had her gallbladder removed like you and she still suffers a lot of pain and that was a year ago. They tell her it acid reflux too and she takes gaviscon and mylanta but still has discomfort sometimes. If your worried i would recommend second opinion as no one know your body as well as you and you know there is still something wrong, see another doc because you should not have had to go through surgery only to still be in pain.

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