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Misty Said:

Throat acidreflux problem (feels like battery acid in throat)…any home remedies instead of doctor visit?

We Answered:

Since your problem is so constant and lengthy, I recommend you see a doctor. However, for acid indigestion and stomach distress I take a teaspoon of baking soda (like Arm & Hammer) and a half glass of water. It’s an old remedy and it works.

Mary Said:

Does anyone have a natural remedy for acidrefluxdisease?

We Answered:

A table spoon of baking soda in about 3 oz of water does good for me. Also, you can buy (30) 75 mg tablets of generic Zantac for $3.00. No prescription.

Debbie Said:

What are some home remedies for acidrefluxdisease?

We Answered:

the key to treating diseases of stomach acid is a healthy lifestyle and good food. Avoid acidic foods, food fermentation including alcoholic beverages. Avoid pineapple fruit, bark, lime, soda drinks, coffee, tea, milk, cheese, oily food, fatty food. foods high in fiber helps neutralize stomach acid. get enough rest to avoid stress. antacida helps neutralize stomach acid

Ann Said:

what household remedy can i use for acidrefluxdisease?

We Answered:

No Home remedy, unless you consider baking soda, which is a bad idea since the carbon dioxide will dissolve partly in water and make carbonic acid contributing to vicious cycle. PPI (Proton Plumb Inhibitors) Like prelosec are best Rx, OTC Gaviscon would be a good choice, No herbal medicine will work well.

Francisco Said:

I have really bad acidrefluxdisease?

We Answered:

I would recommend Ranitidine at a 150mg dose before bed. I have a few other tips to help you out also.

I am not a doctor, so either way you will want to talk to them, but this is what I have to say as a long time sufferer of Acid Reflux (G.E.R.D.)!

Three part answer information, what not to do, and what to do!

I have a very severe case of Acid Reflux (G.E.R.D.). I have had to go to the hospital for some of the heartburn that I have had because the pain can become overwhelming or your breathing can be effected. It can be caused by Smoking, Drinking Beverages with caffeine (My case), Drinking Beverages with Alcohol, or can be Hereditary

The good thing about G.E.R.D. is that it can be a temporary thing and can be cured. It is never a permit thing even if you end up with it for the rest of your life it has the ability to be cured.

WHAT NOT TO DO!!!!!!!!
In most cases, stress is a factor to the reflux if you watch what you eat and reduce some of the stress it will help. If you watch what you eat for about a week you should find relief, if you do not then that is when you definitely what to listen to the doctor. Things to watch for are as follows:

Fatty Foods
Citrus Foods
Foods That Contain Grease
Fried Foods
Chocolate (including any Coco)
Tomato Based Products

The two foods that I recommend is Black strap Molasses and Raw honey. The apple is better for night time reflux while these will work for just about all of it. What you will do is take about a tsp. of whatever one you chose. Molasses being the better because of strength and nutrition, but must be use to the taste. What the substance will do is stick to the sides of the esophagus and do two things, one is heal and the other is protect.
On the healing end, both substances have a healing property in them, and as they sit on the walls of the esophagus they will heal it. This is also helpful if you have a sore throat in the morning from refluxing.
On the protection end, both substances are high in sugar and when acid that is refluxed comes up to that the sugar will neutralize it and it will not longer be a problem at that point.

I would also look to putting Cinnamon in you diet, it has been know to help with digestion and will help you reduce the amount of acid needed to brake down food, therefore causing you to reflux less.

Sharon Said:

Natural Remedies for AcidRefluxdisease?

We Answered:

Hey, you can try this one:…

Hope this helps…

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