Acid Reflux Symptoms And Treatment

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AcidReflux Drug Free?

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I think this thing that cured my brother’s GERD is much easier but happy to hear you got yours cured

What my brother who very severe gerd did is found here…much cheaper and easier… read all the posts by knowledge seeker in that thread

Dr Wallick of dead doctors don’t lie talked about the Helicobacter pylori way before this became mainstream and recommended this to fix it

see Number 1 at this link…

Perhaps it was fixed by the apple cider vinegar which is what Kevin trudeau who wrote the book natural cures they do not want you to know says to use for this

If someone is trying that, be aware that pasteurized vinegar is not safe to consume and only use raw apple cider vinegar which contain the “mother” In the us this is found at health food stores and sections of the supermarket..the most common brand names are braggs and spectrum

I definitely agree that one needs to be alkaline and moist foods are not alkaline but acid except for most fruits and veggies but eating them raw is key not cooked. Cooked foods may be at the root of many of our heath problems , I am lately discovering having been exposed to a number of books, films and websites on it and its miraculous healing power as well as my own recent experiments on myself is showing me that most of our problems can be helped by switching to a 85% or better raw food, whole food, vegan diet although 100% raw is optimal as a goal. We are the only species that eats our food cooked and suffer from all these disease except for the animals that we feed.

I feel some of this is poor advice like eating only cooked produce and no fruits as we need these in the form of raw fruits and veggies which are carbs and he said no carbs. Optimally one should only take whole grains in raw form as in sprouting them or soaking oats,spelt flakes, millet, or using raw muscli cereal but we need complex carbs in the form of raw produce, and grains as described above.

Also we need healthy fats as found in things like flax seeds, flax seed oils, cold pressed oils (raw), chia seeds (very high in omega three fats) avocados, raw walnuts, purslane, greens etc

For optimal health and to prevent deficiencies) , with your mainly raw food vegan diet, have lots of green smoothies (1 or more quarts a day), algaes and seaweeds and grasses (wheat and barley grass juice/powders), and lots of fresh juices ( including the cabbage mentioned at the link for this problem)..take no pulp or food for 15-20 minutes while drinking the juice which must be drank right away so it goes to healing and repair and not to digestion..done this way it is assimilated within 10-15 minutes

Some of the other raw foods in addition to produce, raw nuts and seeds and their butters, cold pressed oils and extra virgin olive oils and seaweeds, and sprouted whole grains and raw cereals already mentioned, one can also consume sprouted legumes, fermented foods like kimchee and raw sauerkraut, nut cheeses, frozen fresh fruit sorbets, freshly made almond milk, dried produce and dehydrated crackers, breads, chips etc as long as the not heated above about 110 degrees. One can have raw dressings and soups and one can heat the soup slightly to warm finger touch and it is still raw.

If one is doing 15% cooked one can have things like beans, whole grains, vegan cheeses and milks, homemade soups, cooked veggies and fruits, baked potatoes, and natural sweeteners if using them such as agave nectar (which can be raw), raw honey, real maple syrup, rice and barley malt, stevia, date sugar and other natural sweeteners used very sparingly. :

One can also try natural herbs/foods that kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and protozoa such as raw garlic, oil of oregano, organic olive leaf tincture/extract, grapefruit seed oil and/or colloidal silver.


Eduardo Said:

any mom have a baby with acidreflux?

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Hi I have some experience with this. My daughter started having similar symptoms almost immediately after we made it home from the hospital. She would spit up after almost every meal. She arched her back a lot and would throw her head back all of which are signs of acid reflux. We had an upper GI which is a test where the baby drinks a bottle of barium and then Xrays are taken. The test is fast and simple BUT the baby has to have the test on a empty stomach so she cried because she was hungry AND they won’t diagnose it as reflux unless the baby actually refluxes during the test (and my daughter didn’t). My pediatrician gave us two options: 1) antacid, I think it was zantac but I can’t remember now. My friend used the medicine and it did not reduce her daughter’s symptoms. 2) wait it out. We opted to wait it out because I didn’t feel comfortable giving meds to a 3 week old. I know waiting it out sounds kind of tough but basically the idea was that the problem would correct itself as her tummy got bigger. Long story short, it completely stopped by around 3 months. My pediatrician recommended keeping her upright for 20 minutes after feeding (either holding her upright or putting her in a car seat, swing, etc.) which allows the food to digest and helps it stay down. Also make sure the baby doesn’t over eat and burp the baby with every meal. We did these simple things and before I knew it, problem solved.

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The best deal for Heartburn No More?

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For my son I used the Enfamil A.R. Lipil which worked very good for him.

Frances Said:

Possible GERD/acidreflux – anyone with experience?

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Sounds like it’s your Gallbladder. Either infected and swollen with gallstones or inflamed stomach from lining erosion. Hard to tell without more information.

You may need an upper G.I. performed to insure it’s not your stomach and an Ultra-sound for for the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

You can try some keywords over at to see if anyone else has had the same problems.

Hope this helps….

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