Acid Reflux Symptoms In Babies – Acid Reflux In Babies Symptoms – Symptoms Of Acid Reflux In Babies

Sandra Said:

What are the symptoms of acidrefluxinbabies?

We Answered:

Spitting up is not always reflux, and reflux does not always produce (visible) spit up. Projectile vomiting is not reflux. A baby born premature is more prone to have episodes of reflux. Symptoms vary but can include screaming when laying down, spitting up, irritability when eating, refusing to eat (usually in older children), arching of the back with crying, frequent hiccups, and “wet” burps.

My boys were also six weeks early and suffer from reflux. They each started out taking 3 different medications and sleeping on an incline. At 7 months of age we are finally down to just Prevacid and that seems to have helped the most. Call your doctor and see what he/she thinks- the sooner you get your baby in, the more comfortable you can both be.

Good luck 🙂

Jay Said:

Could it be acidreflux? Cranky baby after feeding.?

We Answered:

It sounds like Colic to me. MY Baby Girl went through this after every eating and sometimes she would cry for hours, and grab at her belly. The Doctor gave me Mylicon Drops( you can buy over the counter at wal-marts). They did help some but it really did not pass fully until she reached 6 months. I wish you the best..

Cassandra Said:

what are the symptoms of acidrefluxin a newborn?

We Answered:

spitting up, or just making an “urp” sound in the back of the throat”
often arching the back and fussing while eating
often seeming to gulp food

1 month is the age where babies frequently become more efficient nursers, and for many of them, they are more swallowing faster than they can deal with, so they temporarily get reflux symptoms. These usually go away w/in a week as baby learns to deal with eating faster. If your son has just started doing this, that might be the cause.

Some things you can do to help are avoiding clothing that is tight around the waist, burping well (as you are), feeding him sitting up (but not slumped forward, like babies can be in a bouncy chair), and elevating the head end of his mattress by placing a pillow or book under it.

If this persists more than a few days, or your son is spitting up considerable amounts, or it frequently smells like vomit (ie, is coming from his stomach, not what he just swallowed), I would at least call your drs office and talk to a nurse; they can tell you whether your son needs to be seen right away or not.

Viola Said:


We Answered:

With new technology you think doctors are able to find what’s wrong more easy, but is the same old story, medicate and the new diagnosis acid reflux. You are not paranoid you are a good mother who cares for your child.

Douglas Said:

Is a baby supposed to spit up a lot to have acidreflux?

We Answered:…
How do I know if my baby has GER?

Clues that your baby suffers from GER enough to need treatment are:

* Frequent spitting up or vomiting (not all babies with GER spit up)
* Baby isn’t outgrowing the “colic” and/or spitting up
* Frequent blasts of crying that are painful cries, not just baby cries
* Your gut feeling tells you that your baby “hurts somewhere”
* Bursts of nightwaking “as if in pain”
* Colicky, abdominal pain after eating, even as long as one hour afterwards
* Poor sleep habits, restless
* Writhing as if in pain: drawing up legs, arching back
* Erratic feeding patterns. Refuses to feed or wants to breast or bottlefeed all the time.
* Frequent “wet burps” or “wet hiccups”
* Throaty noises: swallowing noises, choking, gagging
* Frequent, unexplained colds, wheezing, and chest infections
* Stop-breathing episodes
* Excessive drooling
* Spits up like a “volcano”

Lillian Said:

How do you get the doc to take you seriously about infant acidreflux?

We Answered:

Find a different pediatrician.
Tell the doc you suspect Acid refulx, and you want the tests run to confirm (barium swallow).
You will find that doctors do not speak the absolute truth word of god. And YOU have to be an ASSERTIVE and PROACTIVE parent. You are your childs only voice.

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