Using Acid To Cure Acid Reflux

Eugene Said:

Have anyone used acidgone by nutrigenisis? It’s supposed to be a cure for acidreflux. Thanks!?

We Answered:

what is the active ing

Fernando Said:

Hi I was wondering if acidreflux causes nausea for some people?

We Answered:

had similar problems and fixed it with diet. Yes a good pro-biotic will help and also try eating an ALL natural yogurt
and I mean just plain yogurt not added fruit or nothing. That will add a GOOD bacteria for your stomach. Also, I have allergies and many times all that crap will run down my throat and cause a slight nausea. Also, If your taking some vitamins without eating first that will also make you feel a bit sick to your stomach. Sounds like your doc either didn’t answer your questions or you need to ask him MORE questions since your asking them on YA

Matthew Said:

Are the “Cure your AcidReflux Now!” ebooks on the internet a scam?

We Answered:

I had acid reflux for 4 years. You need to see a Gastroenterologist. You will firstly need a Endoscopy and they will insert a Bravo capsule into you whilst you are asleep. It will monitor your levels of reflux. If consider severe enough (mine were about 3-4x normal level) you qualify for surgery (Laproscopic Nissens Fundoplication) which involves tightening the sphincter valve in your oesophagus. You have to then go on a diet for 6+ weeks – 1st week mush, 2nd week toast, 3rd week maybe mince etc and work your way back to normal food. I had that operation nearly 5years ago and have been reflux free ever since 🙂

Invest your $50 in seeing a gastroenterologist instead, if you want a real cure.

Also, has your dr tried you on different medications? Losec, Pariet etc?

Zachary Said:

What food can I eat tocure my acidreflux?

We Answered:

I have had problems with acid reflux too, a friend suggested that I eat yogurt with active acidophilus in it. It seems that too much acid in your stomach hurts the “good” bacteria in your stomach, and because you have less “good” bacteria in your stomach it makes more acid. Any way I started eating yogurt with active cultures of acidophilus before every meal and in about a month I was off the previcid and haven’t used it for over 2 years now..

Jennie Said:

How can I combat acidreflux?

We Answered:

take a few sips of cold milk works for me

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